Vaping Fun Facts:

• Vaping devices are battery-powered accessories that heat cannabis flower or oil extract to produce an inhalable vapour
• Vaping is a smokeless way to get similar effects as smoking
• Vaping highlights the terpenes and flavour profiles found in cannabis
• Not all cartridges are made the same! Before purchasing a vape, ensure it fits with the device you already possess.
Consuming too much THC can be overwhelming no matter what your experience level. Take a puff…pause…assess if you need another.


When trying a new product, always start slow. Consuming too much THC at one time can overstimulate the body's receptors and cause the two main side effects of cannabis consumption: anxiety and paranoia.
The key to enjoying any cannabis product is MICRO-DOSING. Each type of product enters the body in different ways and the body responds according to each product. A person's body weight and health are factors to consider, as well as consuming cannabis on an empty stomach vs, after a meal, the effects will often be vary. It is important to understand your body and allow your body to feel the effects of cannabis gradually. A great high vs a bad trip starts with how much you consume.