Blunt & Cherry is the newest cannabis shop on the block, and we aren't your average dispensary. Blunt & Cherry offers a retail experience with the service of the hospitality industry. Think of us as your favourite local bar with all the familiarity, comfort, and social atmosphere sans the booze.
Come in and join us at the Cannabar to shoot the breeze and have your questions answered about out products and approach. Let us guide you through terpenes and flavour profiles at our Scent Table and Cannabar. Pursue our Edibles and Vape Room to find food, drinks, and other products that will enhance your cannabis experience.
All of our products are organized into different Paths to point you in the right direction. Once you find your Path use our colour coded, user-friendly potency scale to help you match the cannabis flower with the experience you're looking for. Whatever your familiarity level is, from the "cannoiseur" to the first time user, Blunt & Cherry is the place for you!